Make something // make anything // work the process

I wanted to create a few animated and hand-drawn¬†Instagram loops but didn’t quite have a topic in mind. When I can’t think of anything specific to draw, I just start drawing ovals and turn them into random heads. It makes more sense than wasting time wrestling with a topic.

After a few sketches, I settled on a space-traveler theme. If you were alone on a barren planet, wouldn’t you want a houseplant to keep you company? The first sketch felt too much like a postcard, so it was reworked to feel more intimate. After a few days of quick sketching, he’s ready for his final form.

The final version of our cosmonaut and his precious houseplant. Spaceplant? I’m not sure of the scientific terminology.

The Fine Details

Hand-drawn sketches mixed with Photoshop, Open Broadcast Software, Adobe Premiere, and Instagram.