You Create the chaos;
we’ll help shape the story

We say “visual editing agency,” and you say “what does that even mean?!”

While you’re working on your project, focusing on individual concepts, characters, technology or your hopes and dreams, the rest of the world is changing, evolving and grinding ideas back into the ether. While you work through the chaos that can result from the creative process, executing an idea or launching a business, we connect your story with the themes and narratives needed to get noticed/published/devoured/loved. You get the gist.
You create the chaos; we buzz around it for a while, you launch a story that gets you where you want to be.


Tell us about your project and what you want to be when you grow up. What’s your story?

So, you have a project you’re creating and it needs to be good? Maybe it’s a creative endeavor that you’ve been sitting on for years. Or, perhaps it’s a podcast that you want to grow beyond a handful of listeners. Does your dissertation chair wants to see your latest draft, but you’d rather leave your style book in the deep dark dungeon you locked it in after your coursework was complete. You could also have a fantastic business idea, but you don’t know how to move forward, or you’re too nervous you’ll fail. We can help with all of that and a more.
It all starts with filling out a simple QUOTE form to get the process started.


Our Preproduction Begins

The quote is in, we have a two-page sample of your work and all of the necessary information we need to get started. Our team will dig into the project, conduct market research, and come up with a long list of questions to ask you as well as provide written and visual feedback on the submitted sample. We’ll also send a full quote and a proposed timeline to complete the work.
What do we look for after receiving your sample? For creative work, we’ll look at the current market and assess where your project stands in comparison to published material. For academic work, we will research your current institution and the academic writing of your committee or advisors. If you’re pitching a new business idea, we’ll give you a dress rehearsal on all the questions potential investors or clients might have, especially ones you’d never expect.


Let’s Edit

You’ve submitted your full project, and we’re off and running. Your editor pours over each line of text, presentation slide, or every executed piece of creativity. You will receive a full report and document in your email and on the Beekeep site.


Go through your results and connect with us one more time

You’ve received your edit, and now your brain is on overload, hyperdrive or maybe the depths of outer-space. Good. You may want to bounce a few new ideas off of your editor or ask a few follow-up questions. No problem, this is built into our service. You’ve been through the Beekeep process, and you’re ready to tell a story, connect with an audience, and move your project forward in a meaningful way.

So What’s next?

Are You Ready? Let’s Work!